3D Grevelingen

The implementation of new social media and recent innovations in geographic information technology make it possible to recreate virtual landscapes through the use of aerial photographs, detailed elevation models and other sources of ‘content’, such as nature and habitats, for example. These virtual landscapes can be published on the internet and be explored and discovered interactively by the tourist. The objective is to motivate the tourist to visit the area both above and below water.
The concept
Within the Natura People programme, a virtual world is created of Lake Grevelingen and the surrounding area. This virtual world will also include a simulation of the underwater world.
  • The virtual world will be enriched by various items of content: popup windows with information about the ‘Voordelta’, information concerning the ecology, on coastal dynamics, and so on.
  • This virtual world will be published on the internet in an interactive form. Potential tourists will then be able to travel through the (virtual) landscape and explore the main sites and attractions, to book accommodation or discover other relevant information.
  • The application will be integrated in a website and will contain a searchable address function and a navigational tool for calculating the route to and within the region.
  • The application will be further supported by navigational routing functions to assist the tourist in travelling to and within the locality, such as finding the way to a certain attraction and to points of interest, for example.

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