Economic research

Natura People aims to improve the economic knowledge of partners, Natura 2000 site managers and local decision makers such as politicians and conservationists, so that they can make informed decisions about the management of the natural environment and heritage. To achieve this, the RSPB will lead on a number of tasks:
  • Economic model – a toolkit to assess the economic, social and health benefits of nature reserves.  The model will be useable by Natura 2000 site managers and lay people to put an economic value on their sites and examine the contribution they make to the local economies in which they are based.
  • Case studies for partner sites – using the toolkit, case studies will be produced for each site to create an in-depth report and examples of how nature reserves sit within and promote the local economy. 
  • Networked sites vs single site – an assessment of the relative economic value of networked Natura 2000 sites compared with single Natura 2000 sites. This work will be carried out alongside the case study work.
  • Dissemination of results -  a series of seminars will be held across the 2 Seas region (UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) to present and discuss the findings of the economic research. These seminars will be open to Natura 2000 site managers, economists and those with an interest in conservation.

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