Expositie Waterdunen

De expositie is gevestigd in de grote Kerk in Groede. De kerk fungeert als  tijdelijk bezoekerscentrum  van Waterdunen. De expositie informeert bezoekers over het project Waterdunenen geeft een beleving van het toekomstige recreatie- natuurgebied. Bekijk ook de folder over de expositie Waterdunen.



Province of Zeeland

The Province of Zeeland forms the administrative layer between municipal councils and the central government. In a dualistic provincial government the Provincial Council has the role of both administrator and initiator of policy. The Provincial Executive has the role of executing policy. Together with the Queen's Commissioner they form the provincial government.
The Province concerns itself with the subjects of nature, landscape, space, environment, water, tourism, recreation, safety, traffic, transport, housing, employment, healthcare and community.
Project Waterdunen
Commencing in 2012, an extensive nature and recreation reserve will be developed in the region of West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (West Zeelandic Flanders). Waterdunen will create new nature, more tourism and facilities in the region. Waterdunen is also part of the coastal reinforcement plan. When completed, this new nature reserve will be for everyone. For local people, for day-trippers and for tourists. What will be coming to Waterdunen?
  • 400 holiday homes (on 40 hectares) among new dunes and salt marshes
  • dune campsite with 300 pitches (on 14 hectares)
  • a hotel
  • a promenade with small-scale catering facilities and shops
  • 250 hectaresof accessible tidal nature areas (mud flats and salt marshes) and recreational nature areas
  • the necessary adaptations to the roads, paths and parking facilities to cope with this 
The objective of Waterdunen is to give the region of West Zeelandic Flanders an economic stimulus, as well as to ensure long-term coastal safeguards and to increase the intrinsic value of the landscape and nature. The project aims to establish a link between nature and the regional economy. By involving people with nature. It makes no difference whether they are tourists, residents, children, the elderly or local businesses. Waterdunen is there for everyone. The development of new nature in Waterdunen is in line with the set objectives of Natura People.
In order to increase involvement in Waterdunen and to establish public support, the Province of Zeeland has committed the following resources:
  • Waterdunen exhibition in the temporary visitors centre in the Grote Kerk in Groede.
  • Waterdunen exhibition flyer
  • Waterdunen DNA study
  • Waterdunen moodboard
  • Waterdunen brochure
  • Action plan permanent visitors centre 
All the agreed plans, reports and publications on Waterdunen can be found on the Waterdunen website at: www.waterdunen.com/nieuwsenpublicaties/publicaties/

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