Rondje Grevelingen

Rondje Grevelingen is just one of the projects arising from the Zicht op de Grevelingen (ZOG) programme. The objective of the ZOG programme is to give the region an economic and ecological boost. Rondje Grevelingen is a response to the short to medium-term developments. One of the current bottlenecks in the region concerns the lack of cohesion in the present developments. Businesses focus primarily on their own company and the tourist is rarely invited to experience more of the region. The Rondje is intended to serve as the connecting link that will bring about change in this.
The concept
Rondje Grevelingen is a recreational attraction as well as a marketing concept. Going by the name of “Rondje Grevelingen”, structural elements are interconnected around the Grevelingen, so that a tour can be made around the largest salt-water lake inWestern Europe. This tour (the Rondje) can be made in all sorts of ways: by foot, bike, electric scooter, wheelchair or by other means. The Rondje can also be made on the water, by sailing boat, sloop or pleasure yacht, for example. The realisation of the Rondje is taking visible shape in the area through having a distinct beginning and an end, and through the presence of recognisable picnic areas and shelters at regular intervals along the long banks of Lake Grevelingen. The Rondje should be seen as a string of beads with various junctions and transfer points, and with interconnections and excursions to interesting destinations in the immediate vicinity, such as the villages on the islands. Due to the structure of the route, certain “theme tours” can be organised specifically for the various visiting groups. Package deals and events can be created by generating enthusiasm among local businesses and by having them commit themselves to the Rondje. The Rondje Grevelingen will be communicated to the recreational tourist by means of a website, flyers and other informational sources.

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