Final report: visitor engagement techniques

Our end report about how to engage visitors with the Natura 2000 story is now available online! It can be downloaded at end report visitor engagement techniques.

This report is the culmination of the Natura People workshop held at Bruges in April 2014. The workshop enabled us to share our project results and to compile an overview of best practices for and by Natura 2000 managers. It focused on ways to build understanding about the interplay and co-dependencies between nature and economics, nature and people and the importance of developing meaningful ways to communicate why these relationships are important.

These priority themes were discussed from environmental, economic and societal perspectives: together, participants were able to share information, compare experiences and gain knowledge about why nature matters and how to improve site visitor experiences, reach out to the wider community and raise awareness of the importance and trans-nationality of the Natura 2000 sites within the partnership and the Natura 2000 network.  

Presentations at the workshop can be found on the Eurosites website.


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