Report 'Devoloping Waterdunen', June 11th 2014

West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Zeeland, will gain a new nature reserve to be proud of: Waterdunen. A unique area of 864 acres where natural development, coastal reinforcement and recreation will be combined. This has been established by sustainable cooperation.
The plans for the development of Waterdunen have been published on Wednesday the 11th of June for two hundred guests in the Grote Kerk church in Groede. Independently of one another speakers spoke during the congress 'the Development of Waterdunen' about the importance of cooperation, about the importance of values, about sustainability and about the chances for the local economy. Representative George van Heukelom calls Waterdunen 'the new icon of Zeeland'. Professor Jan Jonker predicts that Waterdunen will become the new proud of Zeeland. De lively coast will enrich guests spiritually, says Molecaten president Cees Slager. The 'Tidal Diver' project of Waterdunen is unique in the world en attracts a lot of attention. Waterdunen is like a candy store to the fowler, according to Chiel Jacobusse of Het Zeeuwse Landschap.

Waterdunen still needs to take shape, the water has to get flowing, the nature still has to grow en the houses still have to be built. The tide will deepen, shift and form the water courses that have been excavated. Plants have to take root and the local economy still has to grow. However, it is happening, slowly but steadily. Through cooperation and with organic growth, Waterdunen will come to be. After the congress, many people are looking forward to it.

On the boat to Breskens one can feel a joyful vibe, like on a school trip. There is a relaxed atmosphere, expectations are high and the sun is shining bright. It promises to be a good day.

The picturesque Groede welcomes the guests in the cool church with coffee en local treats. When everyone has taken a seat, a movie about Waterdunen is shown, where we zoom in from space towards the earth until Waterdunen is clear. The slogan 'Seas of personal time and space' sets the tone.

Astrid Feiter is the energetic chairperson. She sketches the history of Waterdunen and speaks out hope that the area will go well through the transformation: that which has been thought out by man, will be adopted by nature. Many of the guests in the church have contributed to the start of this transformation. "I'm warned: it will be like a reunion," laughs Astrid.

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