Opening new bird-spotting post Waterdunen

In the recent period contractors have been working for the Provincial government to build a new bird-spotting post in Waterdunen. The post will be officially opened on Saturday April 5, 2014 by Deputy George van Heukelom, dijkgraaf Toine Poppelaars and alderman Peter Ploegaert of Sluis.

Waterdunen will become a special tidewater region with creeks, marshlands and mudflats. This makes the area a paradise for birds and thus for bird spotters. Birds migrating north form Africa will rest in Waterdunen before crossing the Schelde together. Breskens is a popular location for bird spotters. Because of the development of Waterdunen the old bird-spotting post has been replaced by an new one. This post is larger and is situated higher than the old one. The funding of this post is done in part by the European subsidy programme Natura People.

During the opening ceremony the new book “Ten million birds in ten thousand hours. Spring Migration near Breskens 1981-2013” will be offered to the Deputy, the dijkgraaf and the alderman on behalf of the bird-spotters of Breskens.

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